Dr. Parks11

It is with extreme joy, that I greet you, the delegates of the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education. Dean Griffin, the Executive Congress staff, faculty and I are eager to serve each pastor, delegate and church as we climb/go-up the mountain of FAITH to demonstrate to the world why worship matters!

The significance of worship is defined by the worshiper and who he is worshiping. The scripture text (John 4) points out that Worship extends beyond the boundaries of culture, as noted in the narrative. Understanding our responsibility as worshipers" matter more than our ethnicity, status, religion or geographical location. The authenticity of worship is measured by one’s spiritual relationship with Christ and willingness to allow the manifestation of the Holy Spirit to be demonstrated in one’s life. Being obedient to the Word of God and led by the spirit matters when it comes to worship. Worship is done through sacrificial surrendering to God. As a worshiper, it matters that you know He is to be worshiped in spirit and in truth.

Worship is the demonstration of the worthiness of God to the believer. God's word is the text book for training on righteousness. Christ meets us at the "well" and reveals the depths of our sins; and yet, fills our hearts with truth, until we overflow with the Spirit.

The exaltation of God is what really matters. Worship is paramount to understanding who God is in humanity. It matters that God is the object of our worship. It matters that our worship is authentic, and sacrificial. It matters that worship is the ‘style of our life’, our lifestyle. Worship matters to such an extent that God seek worshipers. Our primary role, duty, and responsibility are to praise and worship the God of Creation.
 Let us not only participate in worship. Let us be the Worshiper who worships in Spirit and in truth.

Toney C. Parks