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Winter Workshop Classes


"Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints, Enlisting the Lost Through Worship Renewal While Ministering to the Needs of a Changing Culture"
John 4: 24

"Emphasis: "Worship That Edifies the People of God"
Matthew 16:18, 1 Corinthians 14:26; and Ephesians 5:18-21

Our final winter workshop will include interactive sessions with professionals from various professional entities of our community sharing their expertise and knowledge on cultural issues relating to youth/young adults. There will be a youth breakout session to allow youth to TALKOUT their concerns and share their insight on strengthening the church. Adults will be able to interact and speak with course facilitators. Our consultant will be Minister Tony Taylor, Chief of the Williamston Police Department. His background includes training in patrol, narcotics, criminal gang investigation advance training unit, undercover narcotics, and leadership management and instruction.

April Winter Workshop Classes & Details
1. Finding Youth/Millennials And Keeping Them In The Church
This course discusses various reasons why Youth/Millennials feel the way they do about church. Research statistics will be presented and discussed in detail. After discussing causes, the class will discuss solutions to the shift in both attendance and attitude/mindset concerning the traditional church.
Facilitator: TBA
2. Youth Training Begins At Home
This course deals with foundational and basic biblical family principles. Youth ministry is only as strong as the parental guidance. It is important that parents are taught to teach their children how to be respectful. A youth and parent-focused agenda and curriculum will be taught so that content-related material will be presented in the church to support strong families. The course will demonstrate how scripture and social guidance together can be used to help strengthen the entire community. The youth leader will learn how to incorporate youth-training principles into the overall ministry focus of the church.
Facilitator: TBA
3. Mentoring Youth To Become Leaders
Developing youth and young adults to accept ministry responsibility by working alongside existing leaders is the primary focus of this session. Todayís young people are not interested in hierarchical ministry progression. Young people want to be involved now--not later. In so many ways we have waited too late to seek their involvement. (NEW)
Facilitator: TBA
4. Discipling Youth To Pray and Study The Word Of God
This course addresses the importance of foundational theology and doctrinal study in preparing youth to deal with social issues from a biblical perspective in a cultural jungle. Biblical literacy is the key to a spiritually healthy young adult. The church must focus on the real issues with real answers for a radical culture.
Facilitator: TBA
5. Saving Our Children and Families (SOCAF)
This course will focus on strengthening the families by enhancing the roles of parenting skills to help TRAIN children, youth and young adults while they are young. Parents must take on the biblical mandate given by God. Various passages and narratives will be used to encourage parents and guardians to TEACH their children at home.
Facilitator: TBA
6. Developing Youth Ministry Skill
This lesson will help identify the tools, resources and training necessary to develop youth/young adult to becoming active in ministry. Various ideas will be discussed to encourage involvement in small group discipleship. It is important that young people are trained in missions, evangelism, discipleship and gift assessments. Helping young adults recognize the importance of vocational discipleship is the key to helping them feel good about themselves.
Facilitator: TBA
7. Letís Talk: Millennial Summit YOUTH ONLY!
This summit will center on the basic understanding of ministering to teens, youth and Young Adults/Millennials. Topics will be developed by members of the class and discussed among leaders and individuals representing the various youth cultures. Discussion will also include ways to help develop a healthy understanding of the youth and young adult culture. This course will be an interactive ROUNDTABLE discussion of those interested in meeting the needs of those representing the College /Young Adult/Teen/Millennial culture.
Facilitator: TBA

NOTE: We encourage youth to bring their cell phones so that they can voice their ideas and concerns privately. We will attempt to allow each student to share their thoughts with congress leaders. We will communicate a list of discussion point to the participants via email after the workshop.

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