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Winter Workshop Classes


"Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints, Enlisting the Lost Through Worship Renewal While Ministering to the Needs of a Changing Culture"
John 4: 24

"Emphasis: "Worship That Edifies the People of God"
Matthew 16:18, 1 Corinthians 14:26; and Ephesians 5:18-21

March Winter Workshop Classes & Details
100. Understanding Worship Through Sunday School
The aim of this course is to teach the meaning of Worship as a lifestyle by applying the various scriptural passages and biblical narratives to the life of the student. The goal is to build and strengthen members spiritually. Using Sunday school as a strategy involves people in worship by leading them to acknowledge who Jesus is and express love for Him in their public and private devotion.
Facilitator: TBA
101. Sunday School As A Ministry
This course will survey the needs of the church and train participants to properly collect and analyze the data from the survey. The facilitator will also provide strategies for using the data to build an effective Sunday School program. Using ministry will draw people from the community and the church thus growing the church.
Facilitator: TBA
102. Teaching Teachers To Teach
This course will provide teachers with relevant methods for teaching in the 21st century while examining strategies for interactive teaching, active lessons, and learning styles. The experience will motivate teachers to keep their classes informative and exciting.
Facilitator: TBA
103. Teaching Spiritual Values Sunday School
This course focuses on the various social, moral and cultural issues confronting youth in the Local Church. How to use scriptural topics and biblical narratives to reach various groups throughout the church.
Facilitator: TBA
104. Preparing Lesson Plans That Really Matter
This course will identify methods and strategies for planning lessons. The student will learn how to structure a lesson to apply biblical principles in a relevant and effective manner. Students will also learn to design lessons to peak the interest and attention of adult participants.
Facilitator: TBA
105. Rethinking The Way We Do Sunday School As A Ministry
This course focuses on Sunday School class as a ministry. Teachers will learn how to help thee class to refocus the work of ministry to meet the needs of the various concerns and issues in the church and community. Teachers and students will become familiar with best practices that can be used to successfully enhance and strengthen the overall learning of each student in their Sunday School Ministry. Help students to reach outside the church as they learn to become disciples. Sunday school will begin to look like a ministry and not just a class.
Facilitator: TBA
106. Great Commission Teaching with Creativity
Course Description: This course engages students more deeply into the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. The students will be enabled to celebrate the Great Commission, explore biblical teaching, explore the heart of disciple making, and explore greater understanding of the spiritual gifts. Other related subjects may also be examined.
Facilitator: TBA
107. A Holistic Approach to Young Adults and Millennials Through Sunday School
This course will teach the basic understanding of ministering to teens, youth and Young Adults/Millennials. Topics will be developed by class members and discussed among both leaders and individuals representing the various youth cultures. Discussion will include ways to help develop a healthy understanding of the culture of youth and Young Adults/Millennials. This course will be an interactive ROUNDABLE discussion.
Facilitator: TBA
108. Creative Sunday School Activities for Children
This course seeks to teach creative methods used to take the gospel to children. The course will examine biblical models surrounding the importance of children receiving the gospel Participants will receive effective teaching strategies that will include drama activities, art, word games, and how to involve children in a lesson that will have a powerful impact on their lives.
Facilitator: TBA
109. Leading Others From Within?
This course is designed to teach participants the importance of spiritual and personal growth within the Sunday School. Essential questions will include: “Why should church leaders attend Sunday School? What biblical model can we examine that relates to leadership attending Sunday School? How often should a leader attend Sunday School? Who are the leaders within your church? Do church leaders have influence with the congregation?
Facilitator: TBA
110. Marketing Old School Methods With New Ideas
Discussion in this course will be centered around using various technology tools and knowledge of our youth and technical resources. The church is filled with talent and resources to enhance the marketability of the church and the Sunday School. This course will review the various practices that are available to those that are in the church. Learn how using SOCIAL MEDIA, OUT-OF-THE BOX CHURCH ANNOUNCMENTS, PHONE TREES, and RADIO ADS can enhance your participation in Sunday School.
Facilitator: TBA
111. Reaching The Unsaved and Unchurched Through Sunday School
This course is designed to reach outside the walls of the church. Developing ways to evangelize the community through discipleship, fellowship and friendship. Sunday school members will intentionally seek prospects for membership of the Body of Christ through Sunday school. students will be assimilated into the church body through mentorship.
Facilitator: TBA
112. How to Write Your Own Sunday School Curriculum
This course will teach different ways to write your own Sunday School curriculum, choose a theme and related Bible verses, develop Bible points, find stories to support related Bible points, and find daily activities. We will discuss how to adapt generic Sunday School curriculums to your church’s unique Sunday School needs.
Facilitator: TBA

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